Thinking About Professional Learning

Last evening we brought education leaders together in our regular Tuesday evening #OSSEMOOC open mic session. We discussed some current issues in professional learning, using many of the questions from Professional Learning Conversations at #Educon 2.7 as a guide. Here is a summary of the conversation in Ontario. Please join in by adding your thoughts to the comments section in this blog, or to the original post here:


If you were not able to join us live this evening, we will post a recording of our conversation.  Here is a summary of some of the thinking we shared, and some of the questions that arose from the discussion.  Please feel free to continue the conversation in the comments.

I’m not sure we answered any of the questions we used as provocations this evening, but the discussion was rich, and it led to more questions.

We began with this question:

“How does a shift occur from a mindset where learning is provided to a culture where learning is sought?”

This applies to students and teachers.  It’s a big shift!  But we are seeing a critical mass now believing that this must go forward.  Consider this link shared this evening:

Or, consider this story about China telling its students to quit school: .

Raghava KK spoke eloquently on…

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