Looking for Amethyst

For many years, I took a very traditional “teacher” stance in everything I did.

I loved to take my children on trips, pointing out learning all the way.

Anyone who has flown into Thunder Bay to work with me has experienced the whirlwind car tours, fitting in as many sites as possible in the tiny amount of available daylight during the school year.

But it’s all one-way.  I decide what you should see, and I describe it to you.

This changed for me a few years ago while out walking with my son. While I saw the beauty of the rocks, trees and water all around me, and I was happy with this, he saw something else. Something much more.

He saw amethyst.  He knew where to find it.

amethyst 1

The beauty of this rock was so intense.  I could not believe I had never seen it before.  Even more frightening, I would have been content not even knowing it was there.

It reminds me that what I have to offer is limited.

It reminds me that when I am teaching, I am not delivering content, I am learning with others – others who have wonderfully beautiful things to teach me.

It reminds me that as a school leader, there is more than one story.

I need to pursue the stories that are not obvious to me.

I can’t go into situations with a clear vision of the outcome I want, because that won’t allow other possibilities to surface.

I can’t always just hear my “go to” people.

There is beauty to uncover. It is worth the time to look deeply and find it.

amethyst 2

…for Susan


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