Showing Our Love for Bloggers – #ontedblogs

Here’s a simple next step to support the sharing of professional practice across Ontario.

24 Digital Life skills

The open web is a place where everyone has a voice – a place for ideas, conversations, and sharing.  However, when we “exist online” mainly inside our mobile apps, being fed a algorithm-driven diet of content based on our likes and other in-app activity, we lose sight of the importance of the democratic web.

Bloggers take time to share learning and thinking openly on the web, but this content rarely gets eyeballs inside corporately-owned sites like Facebook.

It’s exciting, motivating, thought-provoking, and encouraging to get comments on a blog post.  It means someone has read your work, considered it, and taken the time to share back.

If we value the open voices of bloggers who share, we need to take time to read their work and engage in important conversations.

Last month, Tina Zita encouraged us all to blog more regularly with her #10days10posts challenge

As we move into February, let’s show…

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