EdCampWR (part 2) – Everyone Has Something IMPORTANT to Share

This past week, I have been explaining the concept of “EdCamp” to a lot of people.  It’s on a Saturday, it’s free, it’s open to anyone wanting to learn, and “everyone has something to share”.  The program is driven by the learning needs of the people in attendance, and the smartest person in the room … Continue reading EdCampWR (part 2) – Everyone Has Something IMPORTANT to Share

After #EdCampWR ~ Where To Now (Part 1)?

What an exciting day! Educators gave up Saturday to meet in a school and learn together, and shared the learning online for all who wanted to join in the conversation.  It’s powerful stuff, and as we all reflect on how best to meet the needs of all learners in the system, these success stories move … Continue reading After #EdCampWR ~ Where To Now (Part 1)?

Are Digital Portfolios a Disadvantage?

It won’t surprise anyone that I am a strong proponent of digital professional portfolios.  I demonstrate how to create them here, and over the past year, George Couros has worked with Principal Associations in Ontario (CPCO/OPC/ADFO) to help our school leaders become connected learners, including the idea of using a blog as a portfolio. I’ve … Continue reading Are Digital Portfolios a Disadvantage?

Setting Directions

“Encourage staff to be innovative…”  Innovation requires exposure to many ideas.  Connected leaders and educators are far more likely to innovate!  Here is how we are working to connect educators:  https://fryed.wordpress.com/2014/07/13/sharing-our-passion-for-connecting-education-leaders-tedxkitchenered/ What is the shared vision?  What is possible? https://fryed.wordpress.com/2014/03/08/edcampwrpart2-everyone-share/  

What Did You Learn? Who Did You Learn it From?

Dean Shareski posed this question at #canedu14 on Friday.  Darren Kuropatwa demonstrated how we could “harvest” (@jennzia) that learning in a shared video (below).   #canedu14 In @shareski‘s session on connections, networks and community. We made this together: I ConnectED http://t.co/JdYNtAYDTq — Darren Kuropatwa (@dkuropatwa) May 9, 2014   At #edCampIsland the next day, I … Continue reading What Did You Learn? Who Did You Learn it From?

About Donna Miller Fry

Thank you for taking the time to check out this space where I try to get my head around the concept of learning. My professional portfolio can be found here. I have spent over thirty years in publicly-funded schools in Ontario as a teacher, administrative head, online instructor, alternative education teacher, vice-principal, principal and Education Officer … Continue reading About Donna Miller Fry