Now close your eyes.  What’s in your head?

We gather around that word.

We want good schools, the BEST schools for our kids.  Schools provide hope.  Schools help kids succeed.

And if we could just get rid of this discovery nonsense and get back to basics…

But is “school” what our kids need in this VUCA world, where computational speeds double every year, where “relevance” is a moving target?

And when we think of school, and the purpose of school, do we have the same things in our heads?

Maybe, as a senior education leader said to me last week, we need a whole new word.  A word that lets us begin again, start from scratch, build something new for 2017.

And what would we call it?

What other words are holding us back in education?

Photo on Unsplash by Eli Francis

What would you add to this list?

1. School

2. Blended Learning

3. eLearning

4. Student Achievement

5. Student Success


This is Part 1 of a 5 day blog challenge #5posts5days issued by Carlo Fusco 

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Featured image by Alan Levine CC-BY-2.0

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